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Highland Tattoo Removal has invested in the best tattoo removal system currently available in Scotland, a                                                     Quanta Q-Plus C EVO.

This machine has both Nd:YAG and Ruby laser sources to give a total of 3 Q-Switched wavelengths to effect successful tattoo removal quickly and safely.

For multicoloured tattoo removal, different colours of ink can be targetted with these 3 different powerful wavelengths. The Nd:YAG laser is best at treating black and dark blues, and on another setting reds, purples and orange. The Ruby laser is particularly good at removing challenging light blue and greens, and is also used to get the last few traces out of black tattoos.

The clinical action of the laser is to break up the fragments of ink in your tattoo into tiny pieces:

These tiny fragments of ink are now small enough for your immune system to absorb and remove. This video is of a macrophage white blood cell chasing a bacteria. They absorb tattoo ink in exactly the same way.

Prices Per Treatment Session


Patch Test




Very Large











How Many Treatments Will I Need?

As a general guide:

Type of Tattoo

Number of Treatments

Uncomplicated black tattoo

6 to 10

Coloured tattoo

Lightening for tattoo coverup

Home made tattoo (needle & ink)

8 to 12

4 to 6

4 to 6

Tattoo removal is an unpredictable process. The total number of treatments you will need is unknowable. Although I will try to estimate this number as best I can, it is not guaranteed.

Lots of tattoo removal providers quote unrealistically low numbers of removal treatments needed to encourage you to start treatment. I always give you the unvarnished truth. I would rather lose you as a customer at the beginning  than disappoint you later on.

No bullshit

I now recommend 8 week gaps between all treatments regardless of tattoo colours for all clients


Discounts are given for multiple tattoos

Sizable discounts are offered to all registered tattoo artists

If you are on Universal Credit and you believe your tattoo is preventing you from finding employment, please talk to me about how I might be able to help you

Please see the Online Booking page for an up to date list of my availability

Professional Laser Tattoo Removal

Multicoloured Tattoo Removal including GREEN & LIGHT BLUE which conventional lasers can't touch


Prices from £60 per treatment session


Book a free and frank consultation


The best tattoo removal laser in Scotland (Really)


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my consultation?

We sit down and discuss your tattoo and how it is likely to respond to treatment. The entire removal process is described in detail.

Will it hurt?

Yes it does hurt a bit, there's no getting away from it, but it's over very quickly and no one has given up part way through a treatment yet!  It feels like being pinged with a rubber band.

You will receive a reminder to take paracetamol an hour or so before treatment, it really does help, but please don't take aspirin, Ibuprofen (Neurofen) or any fancy non-steroidal anti inflammatory painkillers (NSAID's).

How does the skin look after treatment?

An instant whitening or frosting of the tattoo is seen after treatment, but this fades after a few minutes. It then goes red and a bit swollen. A soothing antimicrobial gel will be applied, and I may cover the site with a sterile dressing if indicated.

Are there any other side effects?

This procedure is extremely safe otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. Some blistering may develop particularly on reds and oranges, it's very important to return to the clinic for free aftercare to correct this. Rarely the skin may become lighter or darker, but this usually improves over time.

How many treatments will be necessary?

Please see above

Will tattoo removal scar me?

Scarring of any kind is quite rare.

Textural changes from the original tattooing process is possible. This can become more obvious as the ink is removed.

Scarring from the tattoo removal itself is also possible, but I have only seen scarring in about 2% of my customers, which is much lower than other tattoo removal providers in the area. I am hoping to reduce this further with my new equipment and evolved techniques.

What do I do before I come?

Take a couple of paracetamol an hour or so before treatment. You will receive a text message to remind you to do this. It really does help, but please don't take aspirin, Ibuprofen (Neurofen) or any fancy non-steroidal anti inflammatory painkillers (NSAID's).

If you are having your tattoo removed from a hairy place, please shave the area the day before treatment using a quality new razor.

Please do not put any products, creams or moisturisers on your skin on the day of treatment.

Please do not put fake tan on the tattooed area for at least a week before treatment.

Make sure you haven't skipped any meals before coming for tattoo removal. Don't come with a hangover or intoxicated. If you're feeling unwell in any way, it would be better to reschedule your appointment to a later time. Hydrate well in the 24 hours before your treatment. If you're having a large tattoo removed, load up on carbs before your appointment.

What do I do when I get there?

Detailed directions to the Birchwood clinic can be found on the Find Me page.

Please park at the front of Birchwood House in the designated customer parking area. If there is another car there already, then please park in front of the Highland Tattoo Removal car further up the drive taking care not to obstruct access for my lovely new neighbours.

The clinic entrance is round to the left hand side of the house near the wooden fence.

I do not have a waiting room facility, so if you’re early or in the rare instance that I have an appointment over running, you may have to wait in your car.

If the blinds are closed in my clinic room, I am probably lasering someone else.

What do I do after treatment?

Detailed aftercare instructions are provided after your first treatment and an aftercare document is provided for reference. This can also be emailed to you on request.

I am always available for post-treatment advice. If you have any any issues I may ask you to come in for review. I never charge for any follow up appointments, only for tattoo removal sessions.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes! Customers tend to be much more relaxed if they bring a friend and this is recommended. For safety reasons, children can not be in the clinic during laser treatment under any circumstances.

How do I pay for my treatment?

You pay for each treatment on the day and you are not tied into any agreement or contract. Highland Tattoo Removal now has the facility to take payment from a wide range of debit and credit cards. Cash payment is also fine.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo and how much will it cost?

Please see the guide above. If you send me a picture of your tattoo I will be able to give you a quote and more detailed advice.

If I have a tattoo removed, can I get another tattoo in its place?

Yes you can, I call this "preparation for coverup". The treatment is exactly the same, but it means you can get away with far fewer sessions. If I think your tattoo may be impossible to remove I will suggest this option to you.

Do I have to have a Patch Test?

We recommend a Patch Test for all new customers before starting a course of treatment. There is a flat rate charge of £25 for this. Each colour of your tattoo will be exposed to a few pulses of laser light to see how it reacts. You can have your first proper treatment a week later.

Some tattoos are too small to realistically patch test, and in these cases I recommend we go straight to treatment.

Patch testing is recommened, but customers who live several hours journeytime away from Highland Tattoo Removal can elect to sign a disclaimer form and go straight to treatment as long as they don't have any complicating factors.

Click to send me a picture for advice & an estimate