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Patch Test




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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Estimated Number of Treatments

Type of Tattoo

Number of Treatments

Uncomplicated tattoo

8 to 12

Lightening for tattoo coverup

Home made tattoo

(hand poked)

4 to 6

4 to 6

Tattoo removal is an unpredictable process. The total number of treatments you will need is unknowable. Although I will try to estimate this number as best I can, it is not guaranteed.

Lots of tattoo removal providers quote unrealistically low numbers of removal treatments needed to encourage you to start treatment. I always give you the unvarnished truth. I would rather lose you as a customer at the beginning  than disappoint you later on.

No bullshit

I recommend gaps of at least 8 weeks between treatments

Can be more but not less


Discounts are given for multiple tattoos

Sizable discounts are offered to all registered tattoo artists

All radiotherapy reference tattoos are removed free of charge

My rates are highly competitive and I do not negotiate on price

Please see the Online Booking page for an up to date list of my availability

Click to send me a picture for advice & an estimate

Prices Per Treatment Session


All customers who live over an hour's drive away from my clinic will be charged an additional £10 fee for an emergency homecare blister kit. This equipment is for your own safety and this charge is non negotiable. Customers who live less than an hour away must come back to the clinic for any emergency aftercare as a condition of treatment

FREE Tube of Aloe Vera gel with all Patch Tests

Results are not guaranteed