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The premium choice for Tattoo Removal in the North of Scotland. Affordable prices.

We use the world class Quanta Q-Plus C EVO laser system. Uniquely, this machine has both Nd:YAG and Ruby laser sources to give a total of 3 Q-Switched wavelengths to effect successful tattoo removal quickly and safely.

For multicoloured tattoo removal, different colours of ink can be targetted with these 3 powerful native wavelengths. The Nd:YAG laser is best at treating black and dark blues, and on another setting reds, purples, yellow and orange. The Ruby laser is particularly good at removing challenging light blue and greens, and is also used to get the last few traces out of black tattoos.

Q-Switched Ruby Laser is the best way to remove green and light blue. Q-Switch Alexandrite Lasers can also do this job, but these tend to be significantly underpowered. As far as I know, Highland Tattoo Removal has the only medical Q-Switched Ruby laser in Scotland.

The clinical action of the laser is to break up the fragments of ink in your tattoo into tiny pieces:

These tiny fragments of ink are now small enough for your immune system to absorb and remove. This video is of a macrophage white blood cell chasing a bacteria. They absorb tattoo ink in exactly the same way. This process continues over time an repeated treatments until your entire tattoo is removed.

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How tattoo removal works

Mission Statement

To complete your treatment as effectively and quickly as possible

I value results over revenue so will aim to give you the results you want in as few treatments as possible.

To always tell you the truth

Highland Tattoo Removal does marketing to let the public know about the services on offer, but I don't do selling. I advise you on how to achieve the results you want to the best of my abilities during your free consultation even if that means advising you against laser treatment. I do not try to influence your decision making process. There is no hard sell.

To give you value for money

My prices are keen and at the lower end of industry standard pricing despite superior equipment and my medical background.

To keep you safe

I have spent over 20 years in nursing keeping people safe and that's not going to change now. I will only ever offer services which I believe are safe and effective. I use the best equipment currently available in the world today.

(Formerly Highland Tattoo Removal)