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Hi there. My name is Aaron. I’m from Knoydart and live in Inverness with my wife and two wains. I’ve spent the last 20 years working as a critical care nurse and I'm now applying these hard won assessment and intervention skills to the art and science of laser tattoo removal.

It is important to understand that tattoo removal is completely unregulated in Scotland. Anyone can legally buy a cheap Chinese laser off the internet and start work attempting to remove tatoos without any real idea of what they are doing, or the considerable risk that they pose to trusting members of the public. I see the damage of incompetent attempts at tattoo removal depressingly often.

I now have extensive experience of tattoo removal, great training, a medical background, clinical backup from the top distributor in the business and the best equipment money can buy.

I will keep you safe and provide you with a quality service. I promise to always be completely straight with you and give you an honest and informed opinion without hard sell.

I have full training and clinical support from Lynton Lasers Ltd who are the undisputed leading supplier of aesthetic and medical laser technologies in the UK.

All procedures are performed to NHS standards of care, cleanliness and safety.

I am fully insured

My clinic is based off the side of my family home and offers you a completely private treatment experience in a rural woodland setting.

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What I used to do when I was younger and thinner.

All that kit is looking pretty dated now, but was state of the art back then

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