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Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point in their life. It's not usually serious, but can be unpleasant and difficult to get rid of.

The infection develops slowly and causes the nail to become discoloured, thickened and distorted. Toenails are more frequently affected than the fingernails. The medical name for a fungal nail infection is onychomycosis.

Treatments include, topical nail paints, powerful systemic drugs and laser treatment.

Highland Tattoo Removal has a high-tech laser system with a proprietary Photo-Thermal mode which is ideally suited to treating this condition. The laser heats the fungus and its spores, destroying them. Minimal discomfort is felt during this procedure.


All Toes

All Fingers

Fingers & Toes





If any single toe nail is affected, I treat all 10 toes. Similarly, if any fingernail is affected I treat all 10 fingers. This is essential for erradication of the fungal infection.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

There is an 80% succes rate with this treatment.

NHS Choices maintain an excellent website regarding this condition HERE

80% success rate     


Pain free procedure

Treatment from £75


Proprietary Photo-Thermal mode for this treatment - not all Q-Switch lasers are the same!


3 x Laser Treatments, Each 1-2 weeks Apart

Wait 2 Weeks...

If fresh clean growth from cuticle: Stop Treatment

If signs of residual infection (Rare): 2 x further treatments 1-2 weeks apart

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my consultation?

I have a look at your nails to confirm diagnosis. Many people feel embarrassed by their nails, don't be. This is why you've come to see me, and I'm here to help. The procedure is very simple and is described in detail. We also have some paperwork to fill in.

Will it hurt?

No. So far none of my customers have felt significant discomfort during treatment. I treat your nails as aggressively as I can within your tolerance. A definite warming feeling is felt, if this becomes uncomfortable I adjust the treatment parameters, or take it a little slower.

How do my nails look after treatment?

Not much different to be honest. Sometimes there are a few colour changes on acutely affected nails, but this is minimal.

Are there any side effects?

This procedure is extremely safe. Your nails may soften a little during your course of treatment, and you may experience some dry skin around the treated nails, but this is fairly minimal. Some people have colour changes to their nails or slight malformation of the nail profile, but these disappear once the nail grows out.

How many treatments will be necessary?

Please see above

What do I do when I get there?

Detailed directions to the Birchwood clinic can be found on the Find Me page.

Please park at the front of Birchwood House in the designated customer parking area. If there is another car there already, then please park in front of the Highland Tattoo Removal car further up the drive taking care not to obstruct access for my lovely new neighbours.

The clinic entrance is round to the left hand side of the house near the wooden fence.

I do not have a waiting room facility, so if you’re early or in the rare instance that I have an appointment over running, you may have to wait in your car.

If the blinds are closed in my clinic room, I am probably lasering someone else!

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes! Customers tend to be much more relaxed if they bring a friend and this is recommended. For safety reasons, children can not be in the clinic during laser treatment under any circumstances.

How do I pay for my treatment?

You pay for each treatment on the day and you are not tied into any agreement or contract. Highland Tattoo Removal now has the facility to take payment from a wide range of debit and credit cards. Cash payment is also fine.

How long will it take to get rid of my fungal nail infection and how much will it cost?

Please see the guide above.

Do I have to have a Patch Test?

No, we can go straight into your treatment following your consultation

Fungal Nail Treatment

Prices Per Treatment Session

What do I do after treatment?

Thorough and attentive after care is CRUCIAL to the success of this treatment, otherwise you will immediately reinfect yourself from your environment. Please follow this regimen throughout the duration of your course of treatment and two weeks following:

1.     Wash feet with Hibiscrub (available from pharmacies) twice per day and dry well between toes

2.     Apply Dactarin or similar antifungal cream to nails twice a day, morning and night after washing feet

3.     Dust inside shoes with athletes foot powder each morning and if possible throw old shoes and slippers away

4.     Keep nails short and cut straight across. Always cut infected nails last

5.     Disinfect nail clippers or scissors after use and soak in bleach solution

6.     Always wear clean socks daily and wear clean socks at night to prevent reinfection from bed clothes.

7.     Change bedding frequently

8.     Where possible, wear open toe sandals without socks whilst treatment continues. If you must wear enclosed shoes, always wear clean socks

9.     Wear flip flops or similar when showering or in public bathing areas

10.   Do not share towels with anyone

11.   Disinfect shower / bathroom floor with bleach solution

12.   Wash bedding, socks, tights, towels etc on a 60°C wash

13.   Do not use nail polish, this just gives the infection somewhere to hide

14.   If fingers are infected, do not wear gloves and disinfect steering wheels, gear levers, door handles etc. regularly

What do I do before my treatment?

1.     Clip nails short  before attending - always cut infected nails last. You may wish to visit a Chiropodist/Podiatrist to confirm the diagnosis of fungal nail and have the nail paired down if necessary

2.     Ensure your nails are completely free of nail varnish

3.     Do not put any products, creams or moisturisers on your toes and/or fingers on the day of treatment

4.     Please do not use fake tan on these areas for at least a week before treatment

5.     Bring a spare pair of clean socks to wear after your treatment (New or washed at 60°C)

6.     Consider treating yourself to a new pair of shoes to wear afterwards too, especially if they're looking tired